Vote carefully to protect the Island's Red Foxes

Yet again if we are not careful the Isle of Wight will end up with a pro-hunt Conservative MP. The Conservative's nominated candidate, Bob Seely has clearly stated to me that he wants to see the Hunting Act 2004 repealed.

"I support a vote and would probably vote in favour" Bob Seely, 7th May 2017

This is really unacceptable given that the vast majority find Fox hunting utterly vile, this fact backed up by a recent survey where 84% of the population support the current ban.

It is time to stop this tradition of pro-hunt Conservative MPs representing the Island so we need to vote tactically against him as stated in this article. It would have been far easier if the Island Conservative party had selected a cadidate that could align with the Conservatives Against Fox Hunting (Blue Fox) group and vote with the like minded Conservative MPs.

Candidates Hunting Act 2004 promise
Candidate Party Email address Hunting
Bob Seely Conservative Pro
Daryll Pitcher UKIP Abstain
Julie Jones-Evans Independent Against
Nicholas Belfitt Liberal Democrat Against
Julian Critchley Labour Against
Vix Lowthion Green Against

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